And the tale resumes with our budding group of sociopaths heading down into the mountain searching for the Tablet of Zecor, complete with the cute teddy bear of doom. We made our way further and further into the mountain in what seemed like an eternal descent. All the while that little bear followed Slinky. This continued until we started hearing rumblings within the mountain. Shortly after, the little bear veered off into a hole in the wall. The little dude is like some rodent hiding in the wall, I probably should have offed him since there was something suspicious about him. At least he wasn’t on a unicycle.

Not long afterward, the rumblings got much worse and parts of the cave started to fall in. One of the members checked behind us and there was the little bear, jacked-up in a massive mechanical bear suit. The arms in the bear suite were literally that; several small barrels protruded from the mechanical bears forearms. I decided that this was not necessarily a nice bear and took a shot at it, disabling the right arm. A short fight ensued, ending with me blowing the crap out of the bear, who had launched himself over the top of the group. I guess he fancied himself a rocketeer.

Seconds later, some old man in his own battle suit showed up on the other side of us. He started blasting about in some random manner that caused parts of the tunnel we were in to cave in. I got clipped by some falling rocks and fell down along with several others. Apparently we had walked into a trap of sorts. I was able to avoid the remaining dangers while blasting the geezer with a few bolts of hate. We eventually destroyed him and climbed out of the rubble. He didn’t seem to have anything on him so we moved on.

We investigated quite a bit of his living quarters where it seemed as though he was looking for something. I can only assume he was looking for the Tablet also. In what seemed like his sleeping quarters, I found a picture of him and a woman. It was probably his wife or lover. Shortly after, we found a room where he had left us a recording saying we shouldn’t go on. Like this goofy old man has shown good judgement, whatever.

Entering the room, we found seven depictions of some ancient beings. Interestingly enough, they seem to be very Cthulhu like. This may take some serious investigation. We fed blood into the small offering plates and blacked out, awakening in a sort of central chamber. This room lacked the writing but contained more visual representations of the beings. After searching the room and not finding anything of use, we each touched a being and blacked out again. I awoke in some cave under a waterfall. I checked out the room which was similar to the first one we took that required a blood sacrifice. The difference was the statue I had touched in the central room was now the center piece here.

I didn’t find anything when I looked about, so I left the cave and realized via the local flora that I had obviously traveled very far away. Eager to get back but knowing I needed blood, I went out looking for someone to donate to a not so needy cause. I found an old couple in a cottage nearby, I attempted to make a mental request of the old man to come with me, but he was stopped by his wive. I blasted the roof off the cottage in an effort to flush them outside. The old woman was being a pain so I ended up killing her. At that point the old man started listening to me and I brought him up for the machine.

I returned to the central chamber and found several others had also returned. We are currently standing around looking confused about what to do next. Do we return to the area where we started, if the area is still caved in, we might not have a way out.


Broken & Bound SpaceHerpe